“The World’s First Commercial Scale Continuous Recycled Carbon Fibre Operation".

Converting Composite Waste into High Quality Re-Usable Carbon Fibre

Welcome to ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd, the pioneers of sustainable CFRP recycling. Our UK site is based in the West Midlands and our global expansion plans include the launch of additional overseas facilities.

Our goal is to help business avoid the unnecessary cost of disposing of their scrap waste and end-of-life carbon fibre composites to land-fill or incineration plants. These have both a cash and environmental cost. Recycling is a positive action in avoiding long-term damage to the environment.

ELG Carbon Fibre offer a range of high quality recycled carbon fibre products at competitive prices in forms that are readily usable in a number of industrial applications. Click on the Products tab for more information.


Converting Composite Waste into Re-Usable Carbon Fibre