ELG Carbon fibre is focused on providing cost effective carbon fibre solutions for automotive manufacturing, where tangible environmental and economic benefits are achieved when lightweight construction is implemented on a large scale.

CARBISO™ recycled carbon fibre products can, with careful design and application selection, produce lighter, stiffer parts at high volume manufacturing rates and significant cost savings.

Milled or precision chopped fibres are highly suitable as reinforcement of engineering plastics for injection moulding processes and the production of complex parts in fast cycle times.

Nonwoven mats, either 100% recycled carbon fibre or hybrids blended with thermoplastic fibres, can be compression moulded or processed as SMC or prepreg materials for parts such as chassis panels, floors, roof panels, spare wheel wells and boot or bonnet inners.

ELG is currently working with both OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers, providing them with a full range of attractively priced recycled carbon fibre materials, guaranteed supply at industrial volumes and the option to recycle parts at end of life.