Lightweighting in the Rail industry represents a huge potential market for recycled carbon fibres.

The Rail industry's requirements for cost effective lightweight structures that also deliver design flexibility, reduced installation time and low overall maintenance, make composite materials an attractive choice in this sector.

Whilst glass fibre composite materials are already well established in exterior parts and interiors, the use of carbon fibre has been limited owing to the high cost of the virgin carbon fibres.

With rail operators looking for additional weight saving to improve efficiency and fuel economy, as well as to reduce the weight of other ancillary parts, increase payload and reduce infrastructure damage, affordable recycled carbon fibre reinforcements from the CARBISO™ range are the perfect materials in many applications.

ELG Carbon Fibre CARBISO™ Nonwoven mats, either 100% recycled carbon fibre or hybrids blended with thermoplastic fibres, can be compression moulded or processed in SMC or prepreg processes. These materials are particularly well suited to flat panel parts such as floors, roof panels, walls as well as more complex interior or exterior components.