Chopped carbon fibre


Chopped carbon fibre

Chopped carbon fibre

Carbon fibre chopped tow available in various lengths

CARBISO™ C chopped tow is a standard, chopped carbon fibre product available in different lengths. It can be used for various applications such as nonwoven production using wet and dry fibre laying processes, compounding and direct injection moulding. The slightly sized fibres are compatible with most thermoset and thermoplastic matrices.


  • Suitable for thermoset and thermoplastic matrices.
  • Can be used for wet and dry fibre laying processes, compounding and injection moulding.
Typical Properties Units Values C SM45R
Carbon fibre content % >95
Other fibre content %<5
Fibre diameter μm 7
Fibre length mm 3 - 10
10 - 30
30 - 60
60 -90
Tensile Strength** MPa 3470
Tensile modulus GPa 246
Fibre density kg/m3 1800
Metal contamination * g<0.5g / 1000g
Packaging kg5kg bags

*Our chopped fibres have passed through our metal detection and separation systems, metal contamination figures are a guide.


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