Oversized Chopped tow


Oversized Chopped tow

Oversized Chopped tow

Oversized chopped carbon fibre tow in 6mm and 12mm lengths

  • CARBISO™ CT+ Chopped tow is a precision chopped carbon fibre product whose 6mm and 12mm fibre lengths are ideal as a reinforcing material for thermoplastic injection moulding compounds. In comparison to our standard chopped tow product, CARBISO™ CT, the plus version is characterised by improved flowability for 'easy dosing' in gravimetric feeding systems for plastic compounding. The slightly oversized fibres are compatible with most thermoset and thermoplastic matrices.


  • Easy dosing without causing blockages due to fibre 'fuzz'
  • 6mm and 12mm fibre lengths available.
Typical Properties Units Values
Carbon fibre content % 100
Fibre diameter μm 7
Fibre density kg/m3 1800
Fibre length mm 6 and 12 (±1)
Sizing content % <5
Packaging (Pillow bag) kg 15

CARBISO™ CT+ Chopped Tow TDS

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