Whatever the application, the unique CARBISO™ range of recycled carbon fibre products offers cost effective lightweighting, enabling carbon fibre growth in the transportation and industrial sectors.

ELG Carbon Fibre has developed a world leading range of recycled carbon fibre products that offer end users affordable carbon fibre materials across a huge number of thermoplastic and thermoset applications.

Strength matched with lightweight in Thermoplastics

The CARBISO™ MF Milled FibreCARBISO™ CT Chopped Tow and CARBISO™ CT+ 'Easy Dose' Chopped Tow materials can be compounded with polymers such as PP, PA 6/66, PC, PPA, PPS and even PEEK to tailor materials for a specific part. These carbon filled materials offer significantly improved mechanical properties and enable weight reduction in the manufacture of injection moulded components.

ELG Carbon Fibre milled and chopped products can also be used to modify coatings or other thermoset resin systems with these recycled carbon fibre materials being well suited to Epoxy, BMI, Vinylester and Phenolic resin systems.


  • Higher strength and modulus.
  • Low density carbon fibre fillers reduce component weight.
  • High part stability and low CTE.
  • Good electrical conductivity – for RFI/EMI shielding.
  • Excellent wear resistance.

Nonwoven mats for lightweight composite production

The CARBISO™ M and CARBISO™ TM range of 100% recycled and hybrid nonwoven carbon fibre mats are the products ideally suited for traditional composite manufacturing.

The focus of CARBISO™ TM hybrid nonwovens, where thermoplastic fibres are blended with the recycled carbon fibres, are compression moulding applications. The 100% carbon fibre CARBISO™ M mats are typically used in closed mould processes and can be processed with liquid resins or converted to intermediate products for use in SMC or prepreg processing.


  • Low cost carbon fibre material for panel or part lightweighting.
  • Recycled fibres reduce global warming footprint and improve lifecycle analysis of carbon fibre parts.
  • Industrial supply capacity in wide width format up to 2.7m.

The Composite Design and Product Development teams at ELG Carbon Fibre are always available to existing and potential applications for recycled carbon fibres.