As a pioneer in the industrial scale recycling of carbon fibres, ELG Carbon Fibre has developed the world’s first and largest carbon fibre recovery line.

The bespoke designed waste processing equipment and furnace at ELG Carbon Fibre can reclaim fibres from both manufacturing waste and end of life composite components, but this is only the beginning of the recycling process. The company's strength at developing machinery to process the reclaimed staple fibres into new carbon fibre products for end use applications is the differentiator that has seen it establish a market leading position in recycled carbon fibre materials.

The new 2.7m wide nonwoven production machine commissioned by the company in late 2016 is just one example of this development expertise. Built entirely to ELG Carbon Fibre's exacting specifications, after a 2 year in house R&D program on a lab based pilot line, the new machine is unique in being able to use reclaimed carbon fibres that have been obtained through pyrolysis of scrap prepreg materials or cured laminates, providing important feedstock flexibility versus existing equipment available in the marketplace which can only accept dry manufacturing waste.

In 2017, ELG will establish another manufacturing process for the production of dust free recycled carbon fibre pellets as a cost effective alternative to virgin chopped carbon fibre for compounding. This conversion line will open up new growth opportunities in the market for engineering plastics.

ELG Carbon Fibre is committed to industrial volume supply of recycled carbon fibre materials and all new production machinery in the UK, and at future plants, features a modular design permitting rapid capacity expansion as customer demand increases.