ELG Carbon Fibre places a strong emphasis on investment in Research and Development, and is currently working in partnership with leading universities and research organisations around the world to enhance and develop their market leading recycled carbon fibre products.

Research programs at leading universities around the globe have driven huge improvements in the understanding of recycled carbon fibres and how they can be used.

The carbon fibre recovery process is one key focus for the R&D team at ELG Carbon Fibre, with the company continuously making incremental improvements to both the efficiency of the process and also the consistent quality of the reclaimed carbon fibres.

In addition, ELG Carbon Fibre works closely alongside new and existing customers to test, develop and engineer the optimal format of recycled carbon fibre product for each individual part and manufacturing process. In July 2016, ELG Carbon Fibre also joined IACMI - The US based Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation. This affiliation acts as a platform for ELG Carbon Fibre's engagement with end users and a variety of development projects, providing additional real world data for the R&D team at ELG Carbon Fibre.